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Thursday, January 6, 2011

And so it begins!

Sometime within the next few weeks, this new blog will be up and running. I'll be linking all my blog posts here to The Daily Painters of Arizona. As mentioned in my last post, I have accepted an invitation to join this wonderful group of artists, and am in the final stages of launching there. I'm really excited to be included and look forward to meeting a whole new group of friends there.

Today I created a header for this blog with my name that sort of ties into that site's header theme. I'm going to check with the powers that be to make sure I'm not infringing on copyright or such with this header. I noticed a few other Daily Painters that have done something similar so here's hoping. 

See you in a few days when I announce my membership to DPOA and Contemporary Fine Arts International and officially kick off this adventure!

Update January 10th- Got the OK on my header design (had to tweak it just a bit). I also changed the template and have begun to add the links I'll want up and running when I launch next week. Getting closer everyday!

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