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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A new adventure!!

 I've been invited to join The Daily Painters of Arizona!

This delightful invitation necessitates the creation of this secondary blog.

There are several posting guidelines I must follow on DPOA posts. Posting here first will help keep me within their guidelines which include:
~Picture pixel size limits.
~My name must be included in the title of each blog entry.
~A centered posting format.
~No posts without artwork, which are sometimes found on my original art/life blog (Millward Studios). There, besides my art posts, I've been know to cover the musical aspect of my life, a favorite quote, or a family tidbit and such. This new group is to be only about my painting and art adventures.

My Millward Studios art/life blog that I began in July 2008, will remain my primary blog. There, I will continue posting all those other aspects of my life, including my art. Starting in January, my artwork postings here will also be found on the Arizona Daily Painter blog.

The Daily Painters of Arizona, was inspired by owner Micah Condon, creator of the original Daily Painters (www.dailypainters.com). Three painter artists from that group came together to develop the individual state blogs for the best 100 artists (that blog) in each state.
I'm still pinching myself that they would like me to join their Arizona group.

Check out   www.dailypaintersofarizona.blogspot.com   to see the latest artworks of their Arizona members.

I am excited and honored to be given this opportunity to join this amazing group of Arizona artists represented by the Daily Painters of Arizona.

Because this invitation came last week, just as we are starting the busy holiday season, I have asked for a little time before I launch this new endeavor. It should begin in January 2011.

This gives me the next 6 weeks or so to prepare. Getting this secondary blog set up is the first step. I am also going to declutter my silly little self made website (which will be linked in my DPOA blogposts). I want to make my website just about portraiture. All my other artwork will be highly visible on my blog sites where I have also added 'Buy Now' PAYPAL buttons to my paintings for sale. This will give buyers an easy direct link to purchase any of my paintings.

Visit my  AVAILABLE PAINTINGS GALLERY  to view current works for sale.

Happy Painting!...and thanks for visiting!