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Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Sometimes, you just have to let it slide."

or "no sense fretting about it."

6" x 6" acrylic on canvas panel

I haven't decided if this one will be for sale or not.

Morning light filters through our window blinds on a few of Brian's guitar slides. 
I love the reflections in the metal slide.
This painting is almost done. I still need to finish bringing the sunshine in with highlights here and there, as well as a few minor tweaks on the metal slide.
I can work on these small canvases in the house, without being too isolated from Brian while I paint, so you will probably be seeing more of these smaller works from me for a while, although I am still working on the giant canvas 'Matheson Hammock Memories' too.

"Men plan and god laughs." ... old Yiddish proverb

I started this year with a plan. To chronicle, 'A YEAR IN THE LIFE' , a year in my life as an artist, with a focused plan to grow my art business and expand my art endeavors. I looked forward to seeing where that new, more focused approach would take me.

Then, on a dime, in March, the plan changed. Brian's lymphoma returned and I had to put my 'YEAR IN THE LIFE' project, along with a whole lot of painting, on hold.

Being there for, and taking care of this man, my best friend, my husband Brian, is (happily) getting almost every bit of my attention.
So, in the spirit of this painting's title, I'm learning to let a lot of other (less important) stuff slide right now. And it's ok. It's been necessary to help me these last 6 months.
My (overgrown!) flower beds are actually pretty, in a wild untamed sort of way, and adjustments with what chores are really necessary everyday, has allowed me to still find small snippets of painting time.
Using these small canvases allows me to paint near Brian, to be close by if he needs me.

This newest Non-Hodgkins lymphoma journey has certainly had it's ups and downs.
The most recent up- the chemo is working! (as per PET scan results).
The most recent down- Brian, weak from chemo treatments, fell and broke his back last Sunday night.
Our whole journey, thus far, is chronicled on my blog page, B's journey.

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My (somewhat lofty) goal is to perhaps hit 50 followers by years end.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'First Lesson' 2010~ by Jenna Millward Corkill

One of my favorite recent portrait commissions. This golfer was warming up for his tournament round, and let his son give him a helping hand for a moment. Mom captured a snapshot on her cellphone, and voila!, a portrait journey was begun. As well as being a portrait, this style can stand alone as a figurative painting. I really enjoy painting these commissions that use this less formal style of portraiture. Anyone can appreciate this little father son moment forever captured on canvas even though you may not know them personally.

12 x 16 x 3/4

private collection, Tucson, AZ

This one's sold, but a similar size and style portrait, can easily be done from your photo. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

'The Girl' 2010~ by Jenna Millward Corkill
I've been a portrait artist for years and I've painted them in traditional, contemporary, figurative and minimalist styles. Now I am adding this bold, modern style to the list.

22 x 28 x 3/4
This one's sold, but a similar size and style portrait, done from your photo, is available for an introductory price of  $500. + s/h. 

Jenna Millward Corkill

Monday, January 24, 2011

'Red Sentinels'  2011
20 x 24 x 3/4
From my Tall Trees Series. Highly textured tall trees with layers of glazed colors, this style has been a favorite for my collectors for years. I've done these trees in many different colors, including greens, golds, rusts and reds. I think this latest warm red version has an Old World look and feel.


$275 unframed + $35 US shipping
READY TO HANG, sides painted black, hanging hardware installed or you can have it framed if you prefer.

Here's the canvas during the texture phase. Trees are loaded with texture and there is a subtle fern-like texture throughout the canvas.  Glazes of color are added a layer at a time. This one has rusty, warm red tones.

Friday, January 21, 2011

'Shortcake and Jen'

Hi. My name is Jenna Millward Corkill...
...and this is my first post as a new member of
The Daily Painters of Arizona. 

 'Shortcake and Jen'
24" x 24" x 1.5"
Acrylic on canvas 

As you'll probably see through my art posts over time, my styles and subjects are diverse. I've tried to stick with one style, but I just can't. My multiple personality tendencies mixed with a healthy dose of AAADD keeps me needing to change things up to fuel the enthusiasm engines. Learning to recognize and make my quirks work for me, rather than against me, has taken most of my life.  I suppose a consistent style would help me to build recognition, but as Popeye says "I'yam who I'yam". So, along with my commissioned portraiture, you're bound to see everything from contemporary realism to abstract minimalism from me.

Visit my art blog Millward Studios to learn a little more about me if you'd like. There you'll also find A YEAR IN THE LIFE, the one year chronicle of this hermit-like, shy artist's journey to expand her universe.

Jenna Millward Corkill
Millward Studios

Thursday, January 6, 2011

And so it begins!

Sometime within the next few weeks, this new blog will be up and running. I'll be linking all my blog posts here to The Daily Painters of Arizona. As mentioned in my last post, I have accepted an invitation to join this wonderful group of artists, and am in the final stages of launching there. I'm really excited to be included and look forward to meeting a whole new group of friends there.

Today I created a header for this blog with my name that sort of ties into that site's header theme. I'm going to check with the powers that be to make sure I'm not infringing on copyright or such with this header. I noticed a few other Daily Painters that have done something similar so here's hoping. 

See you in a few days when I announce my membership to DPOA and Contemporary Fine Arts International and officially kick off this adventure!

Update January 10th- Got the OK on my header design (had to tweak it just a bit). I also changed the template and have begun to add the links I'll want up and running when I launch next week. Getting closer everyday!